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Weekend Awesomeness - OC Throwdown

Tomorrow, the OC Throwdown will be hosting a crossfit tournament where the best from around the country compete. With only 60 qualifier spots available, one of our "Proud to be Awesome" ambassadors,  Julian Alcaraz is one of them.

Julian has been in Haywire, Red Dawn, and the TV series Suits. Julian is an actor on the rise and an active crossfit athlete who will be representing Valley Crossfit.

If you're not familiar with Crossfit, it's a core strength and conditioning program rapidly growing around the U.S.Combining circuit training with weights and cardio, crossfit has developed into one of the most popular fitness programs in the city.

Essentially, when you show up to a crossfit gym, the workout for they day is already decided. Different workouts have girl names, like Cindy, Mary, and Fran. Crossfiters compete to get their times down on these circuits.

Crossfit really takes advantage of the basic social motivation that comes from having a bunch of people in the same room doing the same workout. Something in your head almost forces you to finish the workout and do the best you can at it.

Earlier this week, Julian invited us to come watch one of his training sessions, and he helped represent the Be.Awesome. brand.

After seeing the Crossfit gym, we've already decided we're going to go back and do some of the workouts. A crossfit gym looks like a big playground. It's lots of rowing machines, monkey bars, climbing ropes, and gymnast rings.

Tomorrow, the Be. Awesome. crew is going down to the O.C. Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa to support Julian during the competition. The event starts at 6 a.m. and is an all day event (We won't be there that early. We aren't awesome like THAT).

If you're in the area, come check it out. It'll be bad ass. Lots of absurdly in shape people, chicken, and beer.
Later in the evening, we'll be at SkyZone in Torrance, an indoor trampoline gymnasium. Jumping on gigantic trampolines? Absolutely! I'm excited. Check back in with us for details on our experience.

The Golden Rule of Rockclimbing

I'm sitting here at my desk on a Monday morning. Sipping my coffee. Patiently awaiting my brain to fully come online.

This past weekend was pretty awesome. We did some indoor rock climbing. After making a few trips up the wall and apparently being watched, we got some advice from one of the experienced climbers at that gym. And it changed how easily we could make it up the wall immediately.

If you're trying to learn how to rock climb, haven't gone, or have and sucked, I have a treat for you. It's the ONE basic rock climbing technique you need to know.

How to Gain or Lose 30 Minutes of Life Each Day

It's January of another new year. We'd all like to have as many of those as possible. There's two common sense things, and one not-so-common sense thing that will add time to your life if you do it, and probably take it away if you don't.

The first two are about the latest thinking in eating and working out. The last is a surprise.

How to Build Up Your Body: Way to Add 10 Minutes to Your Life Daily #1

Happy New Years From the Awesome Family!

I'm sitting here, sipping my Americano, getting ready for NYE in Hollywood at the Egyptian theatre. If any of you are out there, come say, "Hi!" and be awesome.

Me and crew will be out shooting photos and partying. I hope you are, too. Push yourself to live more.

NYE is not best enjoyed on a couch.

Make Wine Taste 20 Years Older In Minutes

Merry Christmas, holidays, and decadent dinner season awesome people.

Along with decadent dinners and being "fancy as f***" comes wine. Lots of wine. Some of those bottles aren't going to be the best, and they're going to bitter, 5-second hang time after-taste that cheap wine tends to have. This post is about getting rid of that taste.

Sell It. Throw it Away. Travel Light.

We have too much damn stuff. Learning how to declutter is an essential skill. Traveling, decluttering, and getting organized are deeply related.

Do you ever feel like maybe you should be travelling and seeing more of the world? And that you've wasted too much money on shit you don't need and don't use?

I think the reason for both is that we get trapped in indecision. We focus on getting stuff too much, never get around to getting organized, and miss out on what we wanted to be doing. Why?

I think it's because we're too low-stressed out. This modern life thing might have a hand in it.

6 Ways to Feel Awesome Constructively

For any behavior I have, I try to ask myself, "If I do this a thousand more times, where will I be?" If I drink coffee every day for 1000 days, I know I'll have a dependence, I know I'll get headaches if I stop, and I know my brain won't work as well when I'm not drinking it. While I do have a cup from time to time, I'm looking to weed it out.

On the other hand, if I get myself to jump rope every morning for 10 minutes for 1000 days, I'll have stronger bones from the mild stressor of repeated impact, I'll burn fat, I'll lower my resting heart rate, I'll be helping my brain make new brain cells, and I'll improve my emotional baseline of relaxation. Obviously, I should do more of that.